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"The King of New York" (1990)

I watched this movie on Netflix, it was pretty good. 


Whisper yellow, @dior #bgwindows (at Bergdorf Goodman)


Why was Taystee not on anyone’s Best Dressed Emmys list!? Girl was hot…wearing orange, because it’s the new black!


when people say weed is bad for you



African-American women hold white children, most likely in their care. Most of these women are assumed to be either slaves or domestic servants, though one woman is notably dressed in fancy clothes and gold jewelry. The second ambrotype may be a post-mortem photograph of the little boy. 

(In no particular order: x, x, x, xxx, x)

These sort of images are still prominent throughout much of Africa where black women raise white (and expatriate) children in affluent and privileged neighborhoods.


Morning decisions… | @manoloblahnikhq , 212 872 8947 #bgobsessed (at Bergdorf Goodman)

Just a hot tempered thuggette

Brooklyn, NYC

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